Isoculture Laboratory 1

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Artefacts from the Isoculture

18. CO2 capture sleep mask

A sleeping mask designed to capture CO2 whilst inhabitants sleep to moderate the life support system of the Isoculture. The CO2 is captured into crystal form within the pillow.

Experiment on: 13 April 2013

Sample material: Rubber

ISO purity: C

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Isoculture experiment

Ant colony

An ant colony lives in an enclosure designed to replicate the boundaries of an Isoculture to observe how the organisms follow instinctive laws of emergent systems to design their surroundings. The ant’s response and reaction to the space is used to offer the Isoculture planners a glimpse of how the city might grow organically to the fundamental requirements of life, rather than the planners presuming how the city should function.

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